Diego Suarez


Antsiranana, also known as Diego Suarez, is the largest city in northern Madagascar and the third largest port on the Great Island. It is the capital of Diana region (northern region).

Geography and History

Located near the Cap d'Ambre with the Mozambique Channel on the west side and Indian Ocean on the east side, it is sheltered by the bay of Diego Suarez (156 km coastline) which is one of the most beautiful bays in the world and the second largest after Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Diego Bay is actually composed by four bays:

  • La baie du Tonnerre (The Thunder Bay)
  • La baie des Cailloux Blancs (White Pebbles Bay)
  • Le Cul de Sac Gallois
  • La baie des Français (The French Bay)

Colonized by French from 1885 to 1960, the city has retained its colonial vestiges like a open air museum.

While strolling through the streets, it seems to travel in the past to a time when Diego Suarez was nicknamed Little Paris.

You will feel good when you will arrive in this city. Away from commercial tourist destinations, you will find authenticity and a very sweetness life.

How to get there?

Diego Suarez airport is unfortunately not yet an international airport, you will be required to stop over by Antananarivo (Tana), Nosy Be or Reunion Island. Count around 830 € from Paris depending on the period. The tourist visa for Madagascar is free until 1 month stay.

From France , 5 airlines serve this destinations:

Then you can reach the north by plane or bush taxi.

By plane:

Tana / Diego Suarez if you take Air Madagascar for your international flight, correspondence will not cost you dearly.

If you have gone through other companies, rely on average between 170 and 250 € A / R depending on the period.

St Denis / Diego Suarez takes approximately € 300 A / R

The bush taxi:

From Antananarivo about 24 hours. The journey is long and uncomfortable but it is a good way to see the country and to travel cheaply.

Bush Taxis leave every day for Diego from the north bus station of Tana. Allow about 80 000 Ariary (23€).

From Nosy-Be, there is about 6 hours drive. You are closer to Diego Suarez and the island is really beautiful. Allow about 20 000 Ariary (7 €).

We recommend to pass through Reunion Island to reach Diego Suarez. Flights from France are at night and you get there late morning, then flying to Antsiranana and usually only 2 h after arrival (Monday and Friday). The final cost is almost identical and your trip will be even shorter. You can find tickets Paris / Reunion Island from 717 €.

Le Melville, la Gourmandise, le Mexicoco, la Bodega, la Jonque, l'Etincelle, le Mora Mora...

In addition to various French institutions, you can also dine in Malagasy taverns where you will test the traditional local cuisine with the flavors of the cuisine of the islands.
The "Romazava", the "Ravitoto", the "Brèdes mafana", coconut rice, etc....
For traditional dishes count between 1.5 and 3 €.

You then have the option of eating in the street, as is a lot here. Vendors set up their mobile kitchens and tables and then offer a full amount of things varied and diverse. This will pulp through vegetables and grilled fish, not to mention the famous kebabs Zebu sold here 200 Ariary (0.08 €).

Count for a good hearty meal with drink up to 3 €.

A "l'Etincelle", at the "Suncity", at the "Vahiné", at "la Côte", at the "Planet Diego", at the "Taxi Be"...

You will find "Le Nouvel Hôtel", which is the mythical club of Madagascar and "La Boîte Noire", which has been taken is completely redone. A DJ from Reunion Island sets fire every night!

Concerning rates, entries are free and count all the drinks the the same price, ie a little less than 2 €..

Among the nice atmosphere bars, concerts almost every night and nightclubs, your risk of being animated evenings on the pace of salegy...