MADAKITECAMP : a new Sakalava Bay hotel entirely dedicated to Kitesurfing!

Discover this new lodge at Sakalava Bay entirely designed for kitesurfing and windsurfing lovers. ...


Kitesurfing paradise is called Sakalava


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     Located in the north of Madagascar a few kilometers from Diego Suarez, Sakalava Bay has became since several years one of the most popular kite spot in the world.



With its unique trade wind regime, the statistics are just unbelievable!  

Almost 9 months of steady winds from March to November between 20 and 30 knots.  

But what makes this kite spot one of the best on the planet is not only its wind, it is also its configuration and the idyllic setting in which it is located...





Do you know why Sakalava Bay is in the TOP 5 of Kite destinations?

                The answer can be summed up in a few points:

Its crystalline lagoon, practically closed and protected by a coral reef prevents the waves from entering the bay.

  • The water is perfectly smooth at low tide. 
  • The progression is much faster than on another more "wavy" spot.
  • You ride in optimal wind conditions.
  • 98 % wind guaranteed from May to October.
  • Reef waves allow advanced riders to surf every day.
  • A sandy bottom and water at pool level (about 6h/day) make it a reassuring and a perfect place for beginners.
  • The warm sea of the Indian Ocean linked to the tropical climate is a delight to ride.
  • A wide open white sandy beach provides safe and stress-free kite take-off and landing areas.

A jewel still preserved

 A mixture of beauty and authenticity all implanted on the coast of the Indian Ocean... In a huge, lush and protected natural park that encompasses the famous "three bays". One of the very famous tourist excursions of the north of Madagascar.




MADAKITECAMP: an eco-lodge designed for riders.

Ideally located in front of the kite spot and probably on the most beautiful spot of the bay, the view from home will give you directly on the "action", the waves and the beautiful islets of Sakalava.


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Dune bungalow 

 - The dune bungalow is located at the back of the ocean bungalows. Facing the sea and on the top of the property. You will be plunged in the heart of a magnificent forest of filaos. A room and a nice private terrace will allow you to enjoy the lagoon and all the infrastructure of Madakitecamp at a reduced price.

Capacity of reception 2 persons.     

  • Bed 2 places
  • Mosquito net
  • Private terrace
  • Shower & WC


bungalow-dune-madakitecamp  vue-dune-sakalava  vue-dune-madakitecamp



Ocean Bungalows

- Ocean bungalows are on stilts, feet in the water with a very high quality. They offer all the comfort you would expect from a beautiful hotel. 

They can accommodate up to 4 people each:

  1. Comfortable Queen size mattresses (made in Italy)
  2. Mosquito nets
  3. Safe deposit boxes
  4. Mezzanines
  5. Large terraces with sofas
  6. Private bathroom & WC
  7. Large bay windows with a breathtaking view of the "action" and the lagoon.


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Take off in front of your bungalow and enjoy the lagoon instantly!



Do you travel with your gear? 

A secure storage space for all your equipment will be offered to you free of charge!

All the following services and facilities will also be available to you free of charge:

  • shower
  • material rinse
  • packed area respectful of your kite 
  • take-off and landing service

Just in front of the kitesurfing spot you just have to unroll your lines, inflate and jump into the water ...  

Who are we?


          "My name is Jérôme Marques and I'm the founder of the KITE ALIZÉ Kitesurf Center and the eco-lodge MADAKITECAMP in Sakalava. Passionate about board sports and IKO Kitesurf instructor since 2010, I first created KITE ALIZÉ in 2012. Kitesurf and windsurf center in Sakalava Bay...

For all these years, our kitesurf school has already trained hundreds of students and we have the chance, thanks to our work, to benefit from an excellent reputation! Our center is affiliated to the international kite organization IKO. Guarantee of quality and professionalism."


See the Googletripadvisor reviews



     "Since 2020 we have opened MADAKITECAMP on our property at Sakalava Bay where the kite center and restaurant is already located. 

Currently small structure with 4 bungalows and fully equipped with solar energy. We can now offer you all the services gathered in the same hotel: accommodation, restaurant, Kite & Windsurf.

The hotel blends perfectly into its environment. Located on the beach and certainly in front of the most beautiful place of the bay. All you have to do is get out of your bungalow and take a few steps to get into the water. 

All our team will be delighted to welcome you in the best conditions to make your stay at Madakitecamp unforgettable!"


Our clients are talking about it :

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Learn Kitesurfing with professionals!




KITE ALIZÉ : an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) affiliated kitesurfing school at your service !

Located in the heart of the hotel, Kite Alizé has a solid reputation for more than 10 years in the world of kitesurfing in Madagascar.
     "Professionalism, availability and pedagogy adapted to each one are the qualities that you will find on the spot and which represents the most our center."

        Kitesurf, Windsurf and Stand-up paddle are proposed:

  1. Beginners lessons
  2. Coaching
  3. Rental 
  4. Supervision
  5. Downwind in the Emerald Sea
  6. Upwind in Andovokonko Bay




Located just in front of the spot, our kite school is equipped constantly updated to the latest safety standards gear. You will learn kitesurfing or you could improve with one of the highest quality equipment on the market (Duotone & Ozone) for a faster progression and a better ride comfort.

                   You will have at your disposal :

  • Recent gear and equipment
  • Experienced instructors at your service
  • Professionals advices
  • Shower & toilet
  • packed area
  • Secure Storage
  • Direct access to the beach
  • An ideal location








               Beginners who wish to train with us will be awarded a world-renowned IKO certification at the end of their initiation, attesting to their kite level! Indeed, Kite Alizé meets the criteria of equipment to standards and safety, the school has been recognized by the International Kitesurfing Organization and affiliated to it.







A fully equipped Fanatic, Goya & Duotone windsurfing club 

You will not be mistaken, boards and sails of the boards & more group are among the best in the world. The champions of the discipline are armed with them and regularly win international competitions with this gear.

Lessons and rental will be offered according to our availabilities.

Come and take advantage of the best gear and a steady trade wind for more than 8 months of the year!

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avis-windsurf-madakitecamp   avis-kitesurf-madakitecamp



A restaurant and a breathtaking view !


vue-restaurant-sakalavabea-madakitecampThe reputation of Béa's delicious little dishes is well established in the Diego Suarez region. You will have the chance to taste a refined, diversified and copious Franco-Malagasy mixed cuisine. It will be composed only of fresh local products!

Our staff will be there to listen and take care of you. A relaxed atmosphere facing the lagoon. 

You will taste the succulent tropical cocktails at the bar, in the lounge area or under the umbrellas. Fan-shaped toes lying on a sofa...

On the menu, fresh fish, lobsters, squid, grilled zebu and much more...




Personalized and diversified menus will be proposed to you according to your request.



What are you waiting for to join us?

 This is what you will find when you arrive at Madakitecamp:

  • A beautiful lagoon.
  • A steady trade wind that blows every day.
  • Comfortable infrastructures perfectly integrated in their environment. 
  • A hotel imagined and designed for Kite and Windsurf enthusiasts. 
  • A staff that listens and takes care of its customers.
  • A restaurant with delicious cooking and varied menus.
  • Amazing excursions.
  • A professional and experienced kitesurfing and windsurfing centre.


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Take advantage of an exceptional promotion!!  Up to 50% off

For those who will be able to join us in its difficult times of national and international travel, a promotional rate will be proposed to you being able to go up to -50% on the lodgings and the Kite and Windsurf services .

Look out!
Madakitecamp is a small structure and places are very limited at the moment!laugh


Don't miss this opportunity and take advantage of a very advantageous rate before the end of this exceptional offer !

See you soon in our little Paradise...


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