Sakalava bay Kitesurfing paradise?

With 95% of regular trade wind from March to November, crystal water, flat and reef waves on the spot, it is difficult to find a better place to spend great kite holidays ! ...

left side of sakalava bay

You have been many to contact us at the beginning of the 2017 wind season to take back the kitesurf at the same time as the arrival of the first trade winds in the north of Madagascar and again you were not disappointed by the Sakalava bay !

It made us very hot at the heart to see this enthusiasm and we would like to thank you!

Indeed, with a particularly steady trade wind regime from March to November, hot and crystal clear water protected by a coral reef, a huge flat spot for beginners and freestyle training, nice reef waves in the background Bay for kite surfers it is a bit difficult with so many positive points to miss its kitesurfing holiday! ;)

In addition, for those wishing to learn kitesurfing or rent gear, Kite Alizé School is located right in the middle of Sakalava Bay, in front of an huge white sand beach which is one of the most beautiful places of the lagoon!
All the kitesurf equipment of the school is maintained regularly and renewed every year! You will benefit from high-end equipment with the latest safety standards.

Kite Alizé will be able to organize kitesurf down wind in emerald sea for you !

At the command of one of the best restaurant of the Sakalava bay, Béa will delight you with its delicious dishes with for wallpaper the most beautiful colors of the bay and your feet in a fine white sand!
You will be served the local seafood specialties, grilled fish, lobsters, zebu...

We have the dream spot, a kitesurf center ideally located on the bay, a restaurant of very good quality, what more do you need to spend an ideal kite holiday? A great accommodation of course!
KiteParadise which is located just in front of the famous sandbank of Sakalava and right next to the Kite school offers services hotel for all desires and all budgets. The view overlooking the bay is unique and breathtaking!
The whole team will be attentive to your expectations and they will do their best to help you to spend a dream kite vacation!

Kite Alizé School offers different types of accommodations : Sakalava Bay with Kiteparadise Hotel, Diego Suarez or the fisher village of Ramena. There are something for every taste and every budget. See the accommodations

The whole team of Kite Alizé hopes that this article will make you want to come see us very soon on the spot of the Sakalava bay in the north of Madagascar! Do not hesitate because you will not be disappointed, it's guaranteed! ;)

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Good wind at all!