Discovery courses (from 10 to 65) allow you to get a first taste of kite maneuvers and learn all security technics and processes, all in a very chill atmosphere ! No physical condition is necessary: kitesurfing doesn't require any strength. Everything is about coordination and touch.

  • 2 h (private lesson) : 75€
  • 2 h (group lesson) : 45€/pax (1 instructor and 1 kite for 2 pax)
All kite gears and equipments are included in the price.
tarif kitesurf diego

Kitesurf Stages

Group Lessons (1 instructor and 1 kite for 2 pax) :

  • 1 h : 25€/pers.
  • 10 h : 225€/pers.

Private Courses

  • 1 h individual lesson : 40€
  • 6 h individual lessons : 225€
  • 10 h individual lessons : 350€
  • 15 h individual lessons : 450€
  • 20 h individual lessons : 525€

All kite gears and equipments are included in the price.
You can be autonomous between an average of 10 to 20 hours.

kitesurf cours particuliers

Advanced Lessons :

You want to progress in freestyle, wave surfing or introduce yourself to foil? Jerome (iko level 2) will take care personally to make you enter the tricks and maneuvers of which you dream to put fun in your sessions and to pass to a higher stage of your progression in Kitesurf!
  • 40€/h (private lesson)
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Supervision :

Supervision is reserved for kiters who already know how to ride both ways but who still have difficulties to go upwind. An instructor will be here to get your kite upwind and will assist you in case you need it

  • ½ day : 55€
  • 1 day : 70€
  • 1 week : 350€
Tout le matériel de kite et les équipements sont inclus dans les tarifs.

Price with your own gears :

  • 10€/h
kitesurf supervision

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Assistance and security package :

This formula is for autonomous kiters who still don't feel confident in some cases and willing to be checked by an instructor who could help them in case of problem in water.

  • 10€ par day
  • 50€ par week
  • 80€ sur 2 weeks

Fancy a DownWind ?

Andovokonko Bay (Upwind then Downwind, 1:30)

Price is 25€ per pax (2 pers. confirmed level)

Emerald Sea (Full day)

If you are a group of minimum 3 advanced kitesurfers, Kite Alize can organise your downwind to Emerald Sea. It includes your transfer (4WD) to Ramena village + boat ticket to Emerald Sea + lunch and drinks.
70€/pax. (3 pers. min good level)
kitesurf transport