Kitesurfing spots in the north of Madagascar

Sakalava Bay

Kite paradise exists !

Spot de Bais de Sakalava

Madagascar and more exactly the northern Kitesurfing spots of the country benefit from a particularly regular trade wind regime. Sakalava Bay is one of the windiest kitesurfing spots on the planet.

Spot de Bais de Sakalava

The Varatraza (trade winds) blows from March to November without stopping. With about nine months of wind in the year and a particularly pleasant tropical climate, Sakalava Bay has everything for a dream kitesurfing holiday!

These wind and temperature statistics are based on data collected over the last few years. They are reliable and can already give you a foretaste of the weather conditions of the northern region of Madagascar.

An immense beach completely clear and a sea bottom made up mainly of fine sand will allow you to learn kitesurfing and ride in optimal safety conditions. With an area of about 2.5 km² and protected by a coral reef, Sakalava Bay is a reassuring spot with a side-on wind that will always bring you back to the beach.

With an area of about 2.5 km² and protected by a coral reef, Sakalava Bay is a reassuring spot with a side-on wind that will always bring you back to the beach.

You will be able to progress and gain confidence in all serenity. Sakalava is a perfect place to learn kitesurfing, but also to practice freestyle on flat water and surf reef waves easily accessible.

The Emerald Sea

Separated from Diego-Suarez Bay by the Babaomby Peninsula, the Emerald Sea lagoon is an incredible playground for kiteboarding. With a length of 12 km and a width of 3, the surface for freeride is huge.

If your kitesurfing level allows it, we can propose you a downwind to visit the lagoon passing near the fishermen’s villages and to surf also very nice reef waves.

Le Spot de Babaomby Mer d'Émeraude

The lagoon of the Emerald Sea is more adapted to experienced riders because the launching and riding conditions are quite technical. But once on the lagoon, it is a turquoise and translucent water which awaits you. Islands scattered everywhere, rays, turtles and the feeling of living something exceptional in one of the most beautiful places of Madagascar!

The French Bay

Just outside Diego-Suarez, on the way to Sakalava, is the Baie des Français which is a virgin kitesurfing spot, huge and still very little sailed here in Madagascar.

Le Spot de la Baie des Français

The Sugar Loaf which is in the center of the bay makes it a very atypical place. It is the ideal starting point to visit the bay of Diego-Suarez which is the second largest in the world after Rio in Brazil. You will be able to reach the village of Ramena, starting point for the Emerald Sea, passing by ancient shipwrecks.

Andovokonko Bay

Le Spot de la Baie d’Andovokonko

Located 2 km south of Sakalava Bay, you will be able to ride on a wild spot still very little frequented. We will be able to propose to the confirmed riders an upwind and a downwind lasting about 2 hours to go and back to Andovokonko bay. On the spot, you will find flat, reef waves and a scenery of authentic beauty with the background of the French mountains.

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